The concept of Masters of Elegance series is to present top italian artisans from major Italian cities, all representing the best of Hand Made in Italy. 

One tailoring master is presented in each part, duration from 28 to 56 minutes, mixing with excellencies and legendary craftsmen associated with each city. 

Beautifully shot by renowned cinematographer Ivan Sijak(SAS) professor at Belgrade University of Arts – School of Film, each part is co written/directed  by Alex Dordevic of DeGorsi Luxury Consulting/ Superstar worldwide productionsPart 1 – 54 hours of Rubinacci / Naples (in distribution)

Part 2 – Doge’s Tailor / Sartoria Puppato and Donà dalle Rose ducal family, Venice (in production)

Part 3 – Sartoria Liverano / Florence (Planning)

Part 4 – Sartoria A.Caraceni / Milano (Planning)

Part 5 – Sartoria Gaetano Aloisio / Rome (Planning)

Doge’s Tailor

54 hours of Rubinacci