Salon of Excellence at Four Seasons Firenze, June 13, 2023
Once againg PITTI UOMO was a perfect setting to welcome artisanal aficionados from all around the world. And Salon of Excellence hosted many of the worlds finest. From Venice, iconic tailor Franco Puppato, showed his daring Tailoring for special occasions, from Milan, maestro Siniscalchi presented it’s...
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Salon of Excellence - Pitti Edition at Four Seasons Hotel Firenze on June 13, 2023 as of 6 PM, featuring only the finest artisanal luxury brands!
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Salon of Excellence Belgrade edition at the Italian Cultural Institute in Belgrade on May 18th, 2023.
Salon of Excellence as a global platform for the promotion of the highest level of craftsmanship in the creation of clothing and other items exclusively by hand (handmade/fatto a mano), selected Belgrade for its new spring edition under the auspices of the Italian Embassy in Belgrade and as a part of...
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Salon of Excellence at the Italian Culture Institute in Belgrade on May 18 in partnership with Embassy of Italy on occasion of the Italian Fashion Days in Belgrade
Salon of Excellence comes to Belgrade in partnership with Embassy of Republic of Italy and Italian Culture Institute celebrating a month of Italian Fashion in Belgrade starting May 18th DeGorsi curates an amazing edition dedicated to excellence in craftsmanship. Among others, we will host a legend of...
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A night to remember at Palazzo Gaddi in Florence where Salon of Excellence took place on the occasion of the 103rd edition of PITTI UOMO, on January 12th, 2023
DeGorsi curated a selection fo the finest artisanal luxury brands spearheaded by VIOLA MILANO, that showcased an amazing array of their luxury accessories, tailoring and shoes. Highlights of the evening was a special tailoring capsule or MORITTU TAILORING of Verona, silk loungewear by Milanese style...
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Salon of Excellence at Palazzo Gaddi in Florence on January 10 at 6PM celebrating some of the finest artisanal brands in the world on occasion of Pitti Uomo edition 103.
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Salon of Excellence by DeGorsi at Aria Contemporary Art Gallery in Florence, on occasion of the 102nd edition of Pitti Uomo.
Great crowd and even greater selection of top luxury artisanal brands in the second edition of the 2022 theme – Contemporary Art meets contemporary Artisans – conceived by DeGorsi. All spruced by a fantastic selection of DeGorsi Gin-Earl Grey distilled cocktails. A beautiful banana tree...
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