A night to remember at Palazzo Gaddi in Florence where Salon of Excellence took place on the occasion of the 103rd edition of PITTI UOMO, on January 12th, 2023

DeGorsi curated a selection fo the finest artisanal luxury brands spearheaded by VIOLA MILANO, that showcased an amazing array of their luxury accessories, tailoring and shoes. Highlights of the evening was a special tailoring capsule or MORITTU TAILORING of Verona, silk loungewear by Milanese style masters MAISON SINISCALCHI, whereas a bespoke handmade trousers by VOGLIO Napoli were an absolute stunner. A newcomer to the event, was a PIANO Luxury underwear, handcrafted by artisans for gentlemen, that turned out to be an amazing gift during the Christmas season. Women’s selection was curated by Cris Egger, and a cocktail was sponsored by artisanal DeGorsi’s Earl Grey Gin whose signature Martini with violets teased the refined tastebuds of our distinguished guests, among whom many international fashion buyers, influencers from Europe, England and the Americas, luxury brand owners and numerous clients.