NEW SARTORIAL THREAD competition by LANIFICIO CERRUTI and DEGORSI LUXURY CONSULTING, awards GENNARO ANNUNZIATA of Sartoria CHIAIA, as the finest young tailor in Italy
On June 13th, at the sumptuous setting of Palazzo Capponi Vettori, under the auspices of PITTI UOMO, Salon of Excellence and Fashion Frames were officially opened by Vincenzo Maria Franco , general Manager of PITTI UOMO. He underlined the importance of talented artisans for the fashion system and PITTI as the platform for nurturing young generation of talents. At the award ceremony, 
members of the New Sartorial Thread jury, Karl Edwin Guerre of @guerreisms, Alessandro Botre of Arbiter magazine, Giorgio Giangiulio influencer and  Umberto Paccotto of Lanificio Cerruti, presented the Awards in the first sartorial challenge for the finest young tailor in Italy. 
Overall winner of the New Sartorial Thread competition for 2017 presented by Lanificio Cerruti and DeGorsi Luxury Consulting is Gennaro Annunziata of Sartoria Chiaia from Naples. This way he is immediately nominated into the global competition for the finest young tailor in 2018 as a champion of Italy and Neapolitan style..
As well, New Sartorial Thread awards presented special acknowledgments: Best style went to Davide Siotti of Sartoria Siotti and Best craftsmanship to Enzo Carfora of Sartoria Carfora.
The awards were presented by @guerreisms and Arbiter magazine respectively. Following the ceremony, VIP guests and media met Masters of Craftsmanship, that ranged form bespoke shirt-making (presented by iconic Siniscalchi of Milano and their young counterparts TeMa bespoke shirts, along with uniquely bold Passaggio Cravatte concept of bespoke ties with vintage silks, championed by Gianni Cerrutti.
Segment of exclusive bespoke shoes was superbly covered by Calzoleria Rivolta from Milan, who showed their latest selection of loafers in softest leathers and nice colors.  The accessories segment was very promoting since the guests met a very talented young designer Stefano Manetti who creates a luxurious line of bags under the brand Ne/No. 

The evening continued in great spirit with refined selection of Artimino wines and delicacies of Tuscan Food Heritage, created especially for the occasion. As noted by Raffaello Napoleone, CEO of PITTI IMMAGINE, the Salon of Excellence proved itself once again as an important appointment for all those who appreciate excellence in craftsmanship during PITTI UOMO.

New Sartorial Thread Award Ceremony powered by Lanificio Cerruti 
Masters of Craftsmanship-exhibition of top artisans
Fashion Frames
Buyers Round Table powered by Camera Italiana buyer moda
Fashion Excellence Award ceremony




Splendid setting of Palazzo Capponi was the stage for an amazing edition of "Salon of Excellence & Fashion Frames” held in partnership with the Lanificio Cerruti and the Italian Chamber of Fashion Buyers. 
This year, DeGorsi luxury consulting (, proposed a "Salon of Excellence" (curated by Alex Dordevic, chairman) enhanced by two important events that emphasized the importance and the role of heritage with initiatives designed to promote new talents of hand made tailoring and top level  craftsmanship (New Sartorial Thread and Masters of Craftmanship), together with the "scouting" for new talent in women's fashion scene of Made in Italy in the segment  called Fashion Frames

Eagerly awaited was the round table "Beyond Fashion: an eye on the future of new brands" where the director of Fashion Magazine Mark Sondermann introduced their visions of the future of fashion, creative capacity of new brands and distribution strategies that they should take to achieve commercial success. 


President of the Italian Chamber of Buyers, Mario Dell'Oglio met the designers, accompanied by some of key buyers in the world, including Georgia Pizzi of Harvey Nichols and Andrea Molteni, of Tessabit Como.

New Sartorial Thread
The initiative New Sartorial Thread, held in collaboration with Lanificio Fratelli Cerruti, was introduced as a platform in which the new generation of tailoring talents (Gennaro Annunziata, Davide Siotti and Enzo Carfora) have proposed a selection of unique pieces dedicated to the man who loves the "tailored" hand- made look, strictly with the latest selection of Lanificio Cerruti materials.


Masters of Craftmanship (for Gentlemen)
In this artisanal section, guests were admiring proposals of the historic shoemaker Rivolta of Milan who presented its latest models in cordovan hide using interesting coloring techniques. Siniscalchi, famous Milanese shirt - makers, presented some of the finest hand made shirts and underwear with particular attention to the cut and fit, with precious details including monograming. Innovative made-to-order sneakers of Mario Cocco, were truly a fresh perspective on traditional streetwear that now has a very exclusive option. 
The Neapolitan tailors, Sartoria Chiaia of Gennaro Annunziata, Sartoria Davide Siotti and Sartoria Enzo Carfora, have presented a very exclusive selection of iconic pieces of the male wardrobe giving a new look of essential Neapolitan elegance to the world


Fashion Frames, a women’s section of the event, curated by Cristina Egger (co-chair of DeGorsi ), was completely dedicated to new designers  brands that have in their DNA an important  dose  of stylistic research with a solid structural background that enables the distribution and commercial success.
The brands presented in this edition covered all product categories, from accessories and shoes to clothing and jewelry, allowing clients to select a total look.


Participants in the seventh Fashion Frames were:

Simone Galofaro (skirts)
Antolina (footwear)
Alain Tondowski (footwear)
Berg jewels
Kavj (bags)
Carolina Ferioli
T Unica by Paola de Michiel
Arte Facta (bags and jewelry)


At the end of the event, the first "Fashion Excellence Award 2017" was awarded  to the most innovative designers idea. 
Giampiero and Paolo Molteni of Tessabit awarded KAVJ, a new brand of a particular design and eye-catching bags designed by Kajetana Orsini and Vittoria Orsini.

This years  Salon of Excellence has confirmed its prestige as one of the lighthouses of Pitti Immagine Uomo, both for the excellence in craftsmanship brands and new emerging brands.


Main Partners of the event were: Caleidoscopio, a fashion-food concept which offered a special buffet with bio vegan recipes

Partner: HM Make Up Italy / Photo by Tranchese Photographers