Salon of Excellence in Hotel Bevanda, Opatija, Croatia, April 23-24


Distinctively exclusive ambiance of the Hotel Bevanda in the seaside resort of Opatija, Croatia, was the ideal setting for yet another in string of efforts by DeGorsi in partnership with Non plus Ultra, to introduce the wider audience to the values of made to measure tailoring.


This time, during an event titled Made to Measure-the Essence of Perfect style, we presented some of the finest tailoring artisans and film art masters in one place. Highlight of the evening was live screening of famous art film O’mast by the acclaimed director Gianluca Migliarotti, who dedicated this visual masterpiece to the world of master tailors from Naples.


Interesting discussion that followed, moderated by Alex Dordevic, helped gentlemen guests to understand the values of Made to Measure approach. The atmosphere was additionally spruced by presence of world renowned, superstar - philosopher, Slavoj Zizek, who shared with us some of his philosophical standpoints that were much appreciated by his interlocutors.


Later in the evening, our guests enjoyed excellent fine dining at the gourmet restaurant Bevanda (now part of elite Relais&Chateaux chain) in pairing with the finest Croatian wines, exclusively selected for the occasion by the best Croatian sommelier, Claudio Jurcic. The following day, selected guests took part at the trunk show, profiting form the personal attention of master tailor Demetrio Cogliandro and Non plus Ultra style counselors, allowing them to acquire the finest new wardrobe for the upcoming season. 
Swankiest hotel on the Croatian Adriatic coast, BEVANDA, nestled in charming Opatija, historic coastal tourist hub since the days of Austro Hungarian Empire, will be hosting the extraordinary event MADE TO MEASURE- the ESSENCE of PERFECT STYLE, brought to you by NONplusULTRA & DeGorsi luxury consulting


On April 23 and 24, the event will feature the Croatian premiere of iconic film O’Mast by the acclaimed film director Gianluca Migliarotti and will be an excellent introduction to the Dandy Chat session, moderated by Alex Dordevic. Guest speakers will be author Gianluca MIgliarotti, tailor Demetrio Cogliandro and shirtmaker Luigi Cordone. If you wish to attend please send email to

Salon of Excellence by DeGorsi during Pitti UOMO, Firenze, January 14, 2016. in partnership with Credem Banca ROTHSCHILD Bank, curated by Cris Egger Alex Djordjevic of DeGorsi Luxury consultancy, featuring Sciamat, Stefano Bemer, Mantero, Antica Barbieria Colla, with special book signing event by HUGO JACOMET-The Parisian Gentleman and Fashion Frames segment with Cha-Val, Berg, Ella lago di Como and Alberto Adonai.

Credits: HM make up Italy and I Tranchese Photography.

Salon of Excellence by DeGorsi at the Four Seasons Firenze

For the third consecutive season DeGorsi luxury consulting curated Salon of Excellence- conference & exhibition, presented by Credem Banca and Rothschild bank on January 14, 2016 at the mesmerizingly beautiful setting of Four Seasons Hotel in Florence.
Presenting the culture of excellence through a selection of finest manufacturers, always respecting tradition but with progressive outlook towards the future, this year’s edition was an absolute highlight of PITTI UOMO.
This unique happening was curated by Cris Egger & Alex Dordevic of DeGorsi Luxury Consulting, with support of Camera Nazionale Buyer Moda and its President Mario dell’ Oglio.
Key note speaker of this edition was  the acclaimed author and elegance aficionado HUGO JACOMET of the Parisian Gentleman fame. He underlined that the luxury is not necessarily related to cost, but to time needed for a fine garment to be produced, thus having much higher value of money since time can not be recuperated.

Cris Egger and Mario dell'Oglio, president of Camera nazionale buyer moda / Alex Dordevic, Cris Egger and Angelo Petriccione, regional manager Credem Banca

An introduction to the event’s theme “Finance & Luxury - Quality is rewarding” was given by Credem Bank regional manager Angelo Petriccione, while a very interesting overview of the ROTHSCHILD bank activities within the luxury industry landscape was given by its country manager, Alessio Coppola.
An overview of the luxury brands distribution in Italy was given by President of the Camera Nazionale Buyer Moda, Mario dell Oglio who reminded  guests of the importance of this segment of economy.

Alex Dordevic, chairman of the DeGorsi luxury consulting, introduced participating masters of excellence from all parts of Italy such as SCIAMAT, bespoke tailors from Puglia, presented by its creative director Valentino Ricci;  STEFANO BEMER, bespoke shoemakers from Tuscany, presented by its CEO Tommaso Melani; MANTERO, renowned silk producers from Como, presented by its president Mortiz Mantero; and ANTICA BARBIERIA COLLA, purveyors of the finest grooming products for men, from Milan, presented by its patron Gianfranco Bompieri.

Alessio Coppola, country manager of Rothschild bank

Cris Egger, co-chair of the event, presented the ladies fashion segment titled FASHION FRAMES with CHAVAL, fine silk accessories from Milan, ELLA lago di Como, a superb knitwear for ladies along with uniquely creative BERG jewelers and ALBERTO ADONAI shoemakers from Monte Carlo who showed their latest collection in the exhibition segment of the Salon of Excellence. 

Vibrant atmosphere that followed the conference at the lavish dinner at the Fours Seasons salons, generously provided by CREDEM BANCA, was created  by numerous celebrities of PITTI world in attendance, who once again agreed that Salon of Excellence is one of the key fixtures on the Pitti calendar.

Valentino Ricci of  Sciamat , Alex Dordevic, Gennaro Annunziata of Chiaia and Andrea Luparelli / Alex Dordevic and Begum Khan, designer of jewelry and Serdar Gulgun, famous interior designer from Istanbul

Luciano Carino of HM makeup Italy - beauty wizard of Naples

Salon of Excellence 2016 - Conference speakers and Exhibitors were:

 Hugo Jacomet, >>The Parisian Gentleman<<

Lecturer, curator, flaneur and author, Hugo Jacomet, >>The Parisian Gentleman<< is a public figure and a pioneer of the menswear revival that celebrates well-crafted clothing and elegant gentlemen. Monsieur Jacomet has a strong following and his digital magazine, Parisian Gentleman, is a worldwide reference for sartorial updates and education.

He is a militant defender of tailors, cobblers and craftsmen who follow the strict codes of quality that predate mass industrialization, and he has a reputation for unveiling the gems hidden in the sea of mass-marketed menswear.

Hugo Jacomet, author of the Parisian Gentleman



The House of Sciamat was founded in 2002 by a young lawyer, Valentino Ricci. He decided to shape his dream and together with his wife Silvana, his brother Nicola and his dear childhood friend Pippo, he established, as a little precious jewel, the haute couture for men intended to be innovative and designed for true connoisseurs, promoting the new approach to style by a renewed relationship with clients.


Stefano Bemer

Stefano Bemer started his company in 1983 with a goal no less ambitious than creating the perfect Italian shoe. Through his curiosity, he taught himself the infinite variations of shoemaking by repairing shoes at first, attending courses and workshops and then mastering his own technique in the way it’s recognized and appreciated today. Thanks to Stefano’s commitment, the brand name has been more and more associated with the highest standard of Italian elegance and quality and, nowadays, stands synonymous to both style and refinement.

Stefano Bomer bespoke shoemakers



Founded in Como, in 1902, by Riccardo Mantero, Mantero has been a family business since its inception.

Boasting more than one century of history and run, today, by the fourth generation along with other members of the Mantero family, it is a modern, integrated company, which prides itself on a solid managerial structure - an undisputed leader in the creation, production and distribution of textiles for men and women.

Cris Egger & Moritz Mantero, president of Mantero


Antica Barbieria Colla

Hundred years of history of hair and bristly beards. 
Founded by Dino Colla in 1904, Antica Barbieria Colla is the most famous barber shop in Milan, known for prestige, for its traditions and widely recommended by its Italian and International clientele. Located in the heart of Milan, when entering the store one has the impression of traveling through time into a world where attention to the customer and detailed care are sacred and inviolable values. Under the leadership of its current owner Franco Bompieri, who has been working in the same historical shop since 1960s, the barber shop has consolidated its prestige. As well as providing impeccable hair-cuts and shaves, the owner is also a well-known writer, author of several books.

ANTICA BARBIERIA COLLA finest grooming products , repesented by Francesca Bonpieri and patron, Franco Bonpieri


Featured in the ladies only FASHION FRAMES segment of the event were:


It all started in Milan, in 2014. Valentina Gestri Paolucci had moved there from Bologna four years before and had just graduated in Brand Management. Her passions were fashion, which she studied in every aspect, and art.

Then the encounter: with Carlotta Vasoli, specialist in Communication Management. The new friends found they shared the same passions and the same desire to start something new. And so Chaval Milano was born, maison of scarves, atelier of graceful luxury.

CHAVAL fine silk accessories


Alberto Adonai

It takes 40 years of experience and at least 120 stages of production so that each of our designs can be called an Alberto Adonai’s. Skillful hands to forge. Eyes to look at the smallest detail. Intellect and expertise to shape unique experiences. It takes meticulous Checks to define them “masterpieces”. Research, technology combined with sophisticated machinery and advanced quality checks, all are the ingredients which define our modern and advanced production.

Alberto Adonai shoemakers



The skillful hands of the goldsmiths of the highest qualityItalian jewelry, the experience of a precious-stones importer and the audacity of a business man from Milan gave life to BERG. Made in Italy means everything for BERG and is a guarantee of high quality.

BERG uniquely creative jewelers


ELLA lago di como

The finest knitwear, oozing the sensual femininity and entirely made in Italy, using only the most precious fabrics. Winter collection is created with finest cachemire , mohair and fur. Daringly mixing attention to detail with versatility, refined colors and superb style.

ELLA lago di Como superb knitwear for ladies

The entire event is held in exclusive partnership with HM Makeup Italy - professional makeup and hairstyle who will be providing our models with the best possible looks, with unique talent proven for years with the most demanding clients and media stations like RAI, MEDIASET, SKY, Showlab.
Make Up & Hair: Luciano and Miriam Carino of HM make up Italy
Photography: Edoardo Tranchese

Salon of Excellence - conference & exhibition at Four Seasons hotel in Florence on January 14, 2016.

Presented by Credem Banca & Rothschild bank and curated by Alex DORDEVIC & Cris EGGER,Salon of Excellence l take place on January 14 as of 1730 - 2130, during PITTI UOMO, the most important men’s fashion fair, held in Florence.

Conference and exhibition on theme "Finance & Luxury - Quality is rewarding!” will feature distinguished speakers from Sciamat, Stefano Bemer, Mantero, Antica Barbieria Colla. Introduction by Mario dell’Oglio , president of the Camera italiana buyer moda

Exclusive - a special book-signing event by famous Hugo Jacomet presenting "The Parisian Gentleman", followed by cocktail.

The event will also include a special edition of Fashion Frames exhibition dedicated to women, that will present promising luxury brands: Alberto Adonai ladies shoemakers, Chaval excusive accessories and Berg exquisite jewelry for ladies.